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Temperature Measurement for Claus Sulphur Recovery Units

Excellence is achieved by outstanding mechanical designs which are the result of 30+ years of evolutionary improvement and adaptation to solve the problems of Claus thermal reactors and similar services.
Delta Controls temperature sensors reliably protect a reactor furnace and its refractory lining from excessive temperatures. Delta's sensors are specifically designed to withstand the extremely corrosive acid gas environment found in Claus sulphur recovery units, partial oxidation reactors, coal gassifiers, and chemical incinerators.
Delta Controls sensors provide the Claus Reaction Furnace with HIR infrared & HTP Thermocouplebest "up time" for plant operations and the lowest cost of temperature sensor ownership.This "cost" is converted into a bottom line profit by Delta Controls.
To meet the demands of oxygen enrichment, it now offers the capability to measure temperatures upto 1925 C. HIR infrared transmitter has been developed to supplement the HTX thermocouple device. For oxygen enrichment operations, the combined system (thermocouple and infrared) is claimed to provide the best available temperature measurement technique available for Claus service.
  • The HIR PyrometerDelta Controls Model HIR Infrared Temperature Transmitter "looks" into the Claus reactor and senses the amount and spectrum of the infrared energy being emitted by the refractory hot face. The sensed energy is converted into a signal which accurately displays the refractory operating temperature.
Its sensing lens assembly maintained at a high temperature avoids sulphur build up and the need for maintenance. It uses stable electronics, which do not require cooling or frequent re-calibrations at the factory. Is nearly maintenance free.
thermocoupleThe Delta Model HTX/HTP Thermocouple is designed to measure high temperatures may be in excess of 3000F and under pressure, under the extremely severe conditions of a Claus Thermal Reactor. It will do this job reliably and accurately (NIST traceable) living longer trouble free.
These are atmospheres to be measured may contain hydrogen, sulfides, sulfur oxides, chlorides, acid gases, ammonia, etc. Over hundred of HTX are operating satisfactory on Claus around the globe for years without fail.
Other applications include hydrogen burner systems, water gas generators, coal gassifiers and various kinds of POX units.
The HTX flameproof design is ATEX compliant. The HTX is also PED compliant as a component part of a Category IV Safety Accessory.

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