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Capabilities & Experience

a) Lucentís Sales & Service Team

i) Service Comes first - Team of highly skilled trained Service Professionals accomplishes companyís goal towards prompt and effective support to our customers
ii) Dedicated & Trained Sales force specific to industry, application and product.
iii) Inside Sales team dedicates, to optimized & prompt support to companyís sales

b) Project Management Team :

i) Basic Engineering capabilities
ii) Dedicated Procurement team
iii) In house Execution & Logistics department

c) Lucent Head quarters is Embedded with :

i) Demo Equipments
ii) Test & Inspection Facility
iii) Training Centre to impart training to our engineers and we also arrange training in groups for our customers for our products / Systems
iv) Inspection by Third Party.

d) Package assembly & Integrations facility

e) Presence across the Country:


a) Offices across the country including satellite offices to effectively cover up the entire country.
b) Warehouses
Versatile experience in marketing state-of-the-art products from world renowned manufacturers in various fields, over a decade, where we could successfully handle applications involving system design and integration, controls on huge compressors and Turbines, level, flow, pressure and Temperature Control for both onshore and offshore applications, Gas detection, Boiler instruments and safety devices for various Industrial applications etc.
Lucentís service management division, provides turnkey solutions, products and services to various sectors for Power, Refineries, Oil and Gas sector, Steel industries, Gas pipelines etc.
We have local knowledge of logistics and maximum utilization of the local talent for doing system engineering and integration that makes us solutions provider in the area of process control, instrumentation, environmental protection and monitoring. This greatly helps us for packaging our Principal products that makes our offering very competitive and viable in the Indian market.